About me

My name is Valerie. I'm a self-taught amateur photographer and I write photography articles on Hubpages. I also sell stock photos. I shoot with a basic entry-level Canon 1100D DSLR and the kit lenses that came with it, one is a 18-55mm wide angle IS zoom and the other is a 55-250mm IS zoom.  It's not much but it's good enough to learn on and produces much better results than a plain old point-and-shoot digital camera.

This is my blog where I post photos I have taken to challenge myself as a photographer by taking up the the various suggestions I have made in my most successful photography article, 'Ideas for Photography'.

All of the photos on this website are the property of Valerie Mercer and may not be copied or reproduced without my written permission. Please email me to inquire about using any of my work.